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PSI and Core Web Vitals for any Google search query.

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What is is a SERP (search engine results page) speed comparison tool. Allowing you to review and compare key speed test metrics for any organic Google search query.

Comparable Page Speed Metrics:

  • Checkbox: PSI Score PageSpeed Insights Score
  • Checkbox: Lab Report Lab Report Metrics
  • Checkbox: Field Web Vitals Field Web Vital Scores*
  • Checkbox: Web Vital Percentiles Web Vitals Percentile Measurements*

*If page URL available in Google's CruX report

Is site speed important?

Yes. Since 2018 Google has used site speed as a ranking factor for mobile search and in 2021 the Core Web Vitals are going to become a ranking factor for Google search results.

Site speed is also important for user experience and a fast site can impact metrics such as bounce rate and user conversion.

Google's own studies show that for pages meeting the Core Web Vitals thresholds, visitors are 24% less likely to abandon the site.

What are Web Vitals?

Web Vitals are a set of field data* metrics providing real-world experience signals essential to delivering a great user experience.

Core Web Vitals are the subset of Web Vitals which represent a distinct facet of the user experience: loading, interactivity and visual stability.

*Field data represent a varied combination of real users accessing your site on different web browsers, networks, device types and geographies - which makes them a great measure of your site's loading speed.

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