Compare speed metrics from Google search results

PSI and Core Web Vitals for any Google search query.

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What is is a SERP (search engine results page) speed comparison tool. Allowing you to review and compare key speed test metrics for any organic Google search query.

Comparable Page Speed Metrics:

  • Checkbox: PSI Score PageSpeed Insights Score
  • Checkbox: Lab Report Lab Report Metrics
  • Checkbox: Field Web Vitals Field Web Vital Scores*
  • Checkbox: Web Vital Percentiles Web Vitals Percentile Measurements*

*If page URL available in Google's CruX report

Is site speed important?

Yes. Since 2018 Google has used site speed as a ranking factor for mobile search and in 2021 the Core Web Vitals are going to become a ranking factor for Google search results.

Site speed is also important for user experience and a fast site can impact metrics such as bounce rate and user conversion.

Google's own studies show that for pages meeting the Core Web Vitals thresholds, visitors are 24% less likely to abandon the site.

What are Web Vitals?

Web Vitals are a set of field data* metrics providing real-world experience signals essential to delivering a great user experience.

Core Web Vitals are the subset of Web Vitals which represent a distinct facet of the user experience: loading, interactivity and visual stability.

*Field data represent a varied combination of real users accessing your site on different web browsers, networks, device types and geographies - which makes them a great measure of your site's loading speed.

Historic Web Vitals Tracking

With our historic web vitals tracking you can also keep an eye on how your URLs (as well as your competitor's) web vitals are changing!

  • Checkbox: PSI Score Track LCP, FID and CLS Core Web Vitals
  • Checkbox: Web Vital Percentiles Track PageSpeed Insights score
  • Checkbox: Lab Report Day-by-day tracking
  • Checkbox: Field Web Vitals Filter by device type and date range
  • Checkbox: Field Web Vitals Customize chart view with report frequcency and stacked 'range' or average time line chart options
Screenshot of Historic Web Vitals Tracking Dashboard

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