Core Web Vitals Historic Tracking

Day-by-day website speed metric tracking

See how your website optimizations are impacting your Core Web Vital metrics provides detailed historic reports for all Web Vitals on a day-by-day basis.

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Compare Field and Lab Data Metrics

Review your web speed metrics with real user* metrics from Google's CRuX report.

*Some webpages will not have enough visitors to have data in Google's CRuX report which means we can not provide real user metrics, lab metrics are a good alternative for these web pages.

Dig into historic metrics

With upto 6 months* history and the option of changing report device view, date range, report frequency view and chart types you can dig into your Web Vitals metrics live never before.

*We're experiementing with this tracking period with hopes we can increase.

Everything you need to track historic website speed

Track Web Vital Metrics

  • Track Largest Contentful Paint Icon Largest Contentful Paint
  • Track Content Layout Shift Icon Content Layout Shift
  • Track First Input Delay Icon First Input Delay
  • Track First Contentful Paint Icon First Contentful Paint

Score Range Percentiles

Track Web Vitals score percentiles and see how your page is performing across different web browsers, networks, device types and geographies.

Mobile and Desktop Reports

Compare mobile and desktop Core Web Vital metrics to see where you need to optimise your pages performance.

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