Survey: Are you preparing for Core Web Vitals Algorithm update?

A small scale survey on CWV preparation

With Google's Core Web Vitals ranking algorithm update less than 1 month away (expected May June 2021), we conducted a survey to see how many SEOs were focusing on improving page speed.

Survey Details:

  • Survey was conducted between 4th April 2021 and 9th April 2021
  • Survey was answered through Reddit: /r/TechSEO
  • 188 survey responses were collected

Question: How much are you preparing for Core Web Vitals ranking algorithm update?

Subtext: I'm interested to know how many SEOs are focusing on page speed before Google's Core Web Vitals ranking algorithm update expected May June 2021.

Survey Results:

34% None: Not concerned 63/188
12% None: CWV already passing 22/188
23% Some: Optimizing key pages 44/188
31% Lots: Optimizing as much as possible 59/188
My site runs well and ranks well according to measurements. So I'm hoping it does well after the update as well.

We can further breakdown these survey results to see more interesting comparisons:

How many people are preparing for Core Web Vitals algorithm update?

(Results excluding those already passing Core Web Vitals metrics)

38% Not preparing 63/166
62% Preparing 103/166

The majority of SEOs who responded to the survey are preparing for the algorithm update by acting to optimize the website load times.

How many people are already passing Core Web Vitals metrics?

(Those passing Core Web Vitals vs all responses)

12% Core Web Vitals Passing 22/188

Only a relatively small portion of respondents are already passing Core Web Vitals at the time the survey was asked.

I was already at 95% on lighthouse for desktop and gone from 50 to 75% having focussed on web vitals for a few days.

"Key pages" vs "As much as possible"

(Comparing those optimizing key web pages vs optimizing as much as possible)

43% Optimizing key pages 44/103
57% Optimizing as much as possible 59/103

Most respondents are trying to make large scale improvements to their websites, rather then only optimizing key pages.

Good for user experience as well, so yes, but at our own time.


This was only a small scale survey and obviously doesn't provide an exact review of how many SEOs are preparing for the 2021 Web Core Vitals algorithm update, but it does provide an interesting look into how people are feeling and preparing their sites.

We don't know how much impact Google's algorithm is expected to have (likely small initially) its good to see that most people are making changes to improve site speed, or are already passing the Core Web Vitals metrics.

It will be interesting to see how Google tweaks its algorithm based on the Core Web Vitals in future and how much impact the metrics have on site rankings.

Compare competitor Core Web Vital metrics

You can use our SERP site speed comparison tool to measure your Core Web Vital metrics vs competitors for your keyword terms. This can give you insight into how competitors are measuring up and allow you to assess the opportunity for speed based ranking improvements.

It's been known for a long time now that fast sites provide better user experiences and this leads to improved metrics such as bounce rate and conversions. So even if you're not concerned by the algorithm update, ensuring your site loads quickly will bring long-lasting benefits.

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