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Google Changes to FCP "Good" threshold

The "good" threshold for FCP has increased from 1.0 to 1.8 seconds which means you should see an improvement in your First Contentful Paint Web Vital metrics.

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New Page Experience Report on Google Search Console

The new Page Experience report on Google Search Console provides a site-wide view of mobile experience with combination of Core Web Vitals, Mobile Usability, Site Security, HTTPS and Ad Experience..


Web Vitals: What is Largest Contentful Paint?

Largest Contentful Paint, or 'LCP', is a metric used to track the time at which the largest image or block of text is visible within the viewport.

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The history of Google speed ranking algorithm changes

Google's ranking algorithm regularly changes as Google strive to give searchers the best possible results, here we detail the algorithm updates focused on page speed..

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Survey: Are you preparing for Core Web Vitals Algorithm update?

We ran a survey to see how many people are preparing for the upcoming Core Web Vitals Google algorithm update. The results might surprise you.


Web Vitals: What is Cumulative Layout Shift?

Cumulative Layout Shifty, or 'CLS', is a metric used to measure a page's visual stability.

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Optimize your Google searches

Use Google search modifiers to improve your search results with increased specificity.


Web Vitals: What is First Input Delay?

First input delay, or 'FID', is a metric used to track the time at which the browser is able to respond and handle user interaction.

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